My name is Sue Baudains and I was born on the Island of Jersey, Channel Islands which is only 9 miles by 5 miles.

Initially I started to take photographs of Jersey landscapes but last year my interest in taking that sort of image seemed to wane and I found I was spending more and more time on the beach in St Ouen which is to the west of the island. There are so many sports: windsurfing; kitesurfing; paddleboarding; kayaking, jet skiers to name a few. I found this so much more exciting and I really enjoyed meeting and talking to the people involved. I also enjoy the action at Sorel which is to the north of the Island where regular motocross meetings are held.

I was particularly drawn to the beautiful colourful sails of the windsurfers as they sped along the water doing loops, twists and turns. One day on leaving Le Braye, St Ouen, I asked Justin Horton of 'Jersey Windsurfing' if he would be interested in seeing my images. He was enthusiastic and so were the sailors and for me this was the start of a new adventure. I just had no idea that the moves I had been witnessing were actually planned techniques and there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.
I will be uploading some of my favourite images to this new website but for all those interested in windsurfing please also check out 'Jersey Windsurfing' by clicking on 'Links' as they have a large number of photographs to view on their pages and you will also learn about the Club.

I have included images from Jersey Windsurfing's Slalom Competition 2015 but these will soon be deleted to make way for the Competition in 2016. The same applies to the UBS Regatta 2015. I hope to continually update this site by deleting and adding images so it won't get too boring.

For my action photography I currently use a Canon 7d Mark ii with a Canon telephoto lens. This camera on continuous high speed shooting is capable of shooting at 10 frames per second!. When I take landscape images, I usually use my full frame Canon 5d mark IV and have an assortment of lenses and filters. I always shoot in RAW to get the greatest detail and these are then converted to jpegs.

I 'have only just starting putting this website together (April 2016). To access the images, please click on the main menu for example 'Gallery 1' then click on the sub menu, click on each thumbnail image to enlarge and then you will see the full image. Go to the top and click 'next' to move on to the next set on the following page.

Primarily this website will be geared towards showing images of windsurfing so I should be grateful for any comments, suggestions or advice. If I get any names wrong or omit names please let me know.

Thank you for looking

Sue Baudains